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    In 2016, Tropical Seas started out as just a dream. The dream wasn't to own a successful clothing business. The dream was merely of a ship wheel and a pineapple. I was 20 years old. Interesting right? After having a dream with these images, the thought crossed my mind that they may look pretty cool on a T-shirt. I had reached out to my younger brother Jared, who was 16 at the time.

He also agreed that my idea was pretty cool. Soon after talking about it, Jared had informed me that he was actually in a relationship with an artist at the time. Addy Hood was her name. Jared had asked Addy if she could attempt to create what was on my mind. Addy had agreed, and not soon after, the first Tropical Seas logo was made. It had the ship wheel and the pineapple but it wasn't quite what I was thinking. The style was more of a SpongeBob look. So I had kindly asked if she can make it..... "more bad ass". She had sent me back her new and improved illustration a day later, and to be honest I don't think she could've got it any better. The design was exactly what I was thinking.

At only 20 years old I had absolutely no idea how to go about starting a business. When I say I had no idea, I mean I absolutely had no idea what I was doing. I was young, immature, irresponsible and was clueless to the amount of work and dedication that would be needed to make a business a functioning business.

Tropical seas officially became a company May 25, 2017. I had started off pretty strong selling the old fashion way. I had a box full of shirts made of the cheapest material, a one color logo and a lot of confidence. My first month in business I had sold 144 shirts, just by calling people on my phone in my contact list, and meeting up with people that were interested. The only problem that I had with Tropical Seas was me. I had disobeyed the first rule of business almost religiously. I probably spent almost every dollar of profit on partying and trying to impress people.

Tropical Seas lasted maybe, a good eight months to a year before there was no more funding. As time went on I had never stop paying the annual business fees to keep the name. So that leads us to 2019, where Tropical Seas began again. This time it was much harder to make the sales, due to the fact that the first time around could almost be looked at as a get rich quick scam around town. Long story short, in 2019 I did the same exact thing over again. I did decently well for a couple months and spent all the money on nothing that had to do with the business. Guess you could say it was pretty obvious, I had some growing up to do.

Fortunately growing up is inevitable. Real life kinda comes and smacks you in the face whether you're planning on it or not. After making probably another one thousand mistakes, I had fired back up the flames of Tropical Seas. This time around though the sole motivation of restarting was to make a real difference in the world, by spreading pollution awareness and positivity.

Why pollution awareness? Well you see I had joined my two buddies on a spearfishing excursion back in 2017 at Point Pleasant Inlet, New Jersey. It was truly something that was life-changing. Diving down and seeing all of the seaweed flow with the tide, and the fish full of life was so beautiful. Unfortunately that was not the only thing I could see. In every direction I looked there was a plastic bottle, micro-plastics, pretty sure there was even some underwear and bicycles. This made me realize how much of an issue single-use plastic's and pollution really was.

In November 2020, A few months into my new solar career, making more money than I ever have, Tropical Seas's first ever customer, my grandfather and best friend, Vincent Ansetta who I had lived with my entire life, passed away from lung cancer in the room next to me. About 3-4 months after my grandmother Arlene Scheininger had also passed. I did not think things could really get any worse, but you know what they say, bad things come in threes. The person who really motivated me in 2020 to get me back on the Tropical Seas train, decided that they would no longer like to be part of the project. These three events effected me to the point where I can say I am no longer the person I was before they had occurred.

After basically staying inside my house for months depressed, I had decided that sitting around and doing nothing was not going to get me anywhere. I became extremely motivated and used my positive mindset to turn all the negativity into motivation. Thankfully after having probably the worst year of my entire life when it came to traumatic experiences. I had developed some pretty thick skin. I had just become absolutely obsessed with making this work. In another three weeks the online store was worth almost $10,000. Fast forward to present day,....... the shirts sell everyday and we will continue to grow as people and a Business every day.