Our Story

We want to clean up our oceans, one piece at a time, by providing people a practical and stylish platform to help contribute to ocean conservation efforts.


Just like any successful organization, business or group of people, Tropical Seas started out as a simple dream. I was twenty years old, ambitious and dreamt up a pirate ship wheel and a pineapple. My next immediate thought? This would look pretty cool on a t-shirt! Once I found a designer to create the first few iterations of the logo that would last a lifetime, Tropical Seas was born! Although, nothing worth working hard for comes easy…

Humble Beginnings

At only 20 years old, I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! I was young, immature, irresponsible and clueless to the amount of work and dedication it would take to run a functioning business. After working my network and gaining some support, the first few months were nothing but a success! However in the end, there was a hole in the Tropical Seas’ ship that was too big to patch… Me.

I had disobeyed the first rule of business almost religiously. Rather than investing back into the business, I spent my earnings for other people’s approval and on things that didn’t bring me any long-term value. This ultimately cast a shadow on the brand and I found myself reevaluating why I was doing this. Fortunately growing up is inevitable and real life does a great job of smacking you in the face when you least expect it. I knew I couldn’t let this be the end of the dream I had all that time ago.

A Change Of Heart

After reinventing the business and myself, I took to the streets again. However, this time around was going to be different. My motivation for restarting was to make an impact, a real difference in the world by raising awareness for and starting initiatives around ocean pollution!

Why ocean pollution? About five years ago, I had joined my two buddies on a spearfishing excursion at Point Pleasant Inlet, New Jersey.This experience was life-changing. Diving down and seeing all of the seaweed flow with the tide, and the fish full of life was so beautiful. However, that was not the only thing I could see. In every direction I looked there were plastic bottles, microplastics and even someone’s underwear and childhood bicycle. This made me realize how much of an issue single-use plastics and pollution in our seas has really become.

After this, and some unexpected and traumatic experiences in my personal life, I decided that sitting around and doing nothing was only hurting our planet, and myself. This realization sparked an obsession with seeing my dream though till the end. In about a month’s time after this moment, the store was worth almost $10,000 and growing steadily. Now, we strive to continue this momentum while helping people see the bigger picture. Our planet and the people who call it home.

Facts and Figures

According to National Geographic, plastic pollution has become one of the most prevalent environmental issues in recent history. With improper disposal and recycling infrastructure and systems, our land and waterways have become overrun with plastic waste. With an increase in plastics since WWII, the convenience of one-use plastic products and packaging has led to a throwaway culture. Some of these products have lifespans of hundreds of years, and if not disposed of properly can have extremely adverse effects on the environment and animal life. With that in mind, here are a few facts from National Geographic that might surprise you:

  • • 448 million tons of plastic were produced in 2015 and production is expected to double by 2050
  • • Every year, approximately 8 million tons of plastic contaminates the ocean
  • • Some additives in plastic products can make them last as long as 400 years

Plastic products are brought to the ocean from rivers and other waterways and can be swept by tides and currents all around the world. Almost every species of seabird eats plastics and millions of animals are killed by it and are adversely affected by it each year. Animals are either strangled, starved, or torn apart from the inside by ingesting plastics. Certain plastics can even entangle animals to where they can’t escape so they eventually starve or drown. Stemming the tide of plastic pollution can be a difficult task. There are ways to pick up larger pieces of plastic waste, but once they break down into microplastics, they can be impossible to remove from the ocean. The only real way to rectify the plastic waste problem is to remove it from the environment by installing better recycling and waste systems.

How You Can Help

We need your help to make a difference! At Tropical Seas, the ocean is at the heart of all we do, so we want to make sure that it is safe and protected. By buying our clothing, you’re not only getting a comfortable and stylish new wardrobe, but you are also helping save our aquatic friends and our vital waterways. When you buy one of our clothing items, 5% of the profits go toward ocean clean-up projects. We can’t do everything, but we can do small things that make a difference in the fight to save our oceans. With just a pineapple and a ship's wheel, we have created an environmental revolution! Don’t just buy any kind of clothing —buy new clothes that stand for something. Tropical Seas’ mission and story are one of inspiration. Much like our company, we know that great things can happen from just a simple idea, humble beginnings, and faithful collaboration. We also know that with a little hard work and steadfast determination, anything is possible. It takes courage to do anything significant, so we want to encourage you to join us and have the courage to have a positive impact on the future of our oceans. Plastic pollution isn’t going anywhere, but we can make incremental changes that can help to keep our wildlife, oceans, and planet safe from harm. With awesome designs and options for everyone, you can find clothing with a mission that fits you. Browse our clothing today and join us in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans. We can’t do it alone!
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