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The Tropical Seas Community is ever-expanding with our product line and, most importantly, our fanbase. We have appreciated every single photo, video, and funny post you all have made regarding the love of our brand. So much so that we're pushing the agenda on community involvement and giving back to the people that make us who we are. So if something has recently caught your eye with our brand, it's more than likely available right on our new releases page that you can check out today!

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Our products are one thing, but we strive to see how you express yourself every day! We're constantly updating what people are doing and saying in New Jersey and beyond. Use the hashtag #TropicalSeas on Instagram to see and share the latest trends in the Tropical Seas Community. We'd love to see you pop up on the newest feed; make a post today, and you might find yourself on this page!
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Pictures aren't the only things we cherish. Without full integration into the latest discussions and news topics surrounding New Jersey and the Tropical Seas brand, it wouldn't be a Tropical Seas Community. New articles will also align with the latest fashion trends and apparel. So whether you've got a five-minute break or a long session of rest a relaxation ready, we've done the review work for you with our listed preview times over each article to let you know about the average reading time per article. In addition, our automatic updates will keep the page constantly fresh and exciting every time you visit. Feel free to contact us and submit your articles— we appreciate reading from everyone!
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You don't have to have any writing experience to make it here. Keep making the funniest and coolest shots you can do with our #TropicalSeas hashtag, and you just might pop up! We've plugged our Instagram page here so people can stay up to date on the latest social media trends we love to share within the Tropical Seas Community. We have a lot of exciting contests and events planned to celebrate our growing community. This page will highlight any events that are currently going to never miss out.

About Us

Tropical seas officially became a company on May 25, 2017. It started pretty strong, selling the old-fashioned way with a box full of shirts made of the cheapest material, a one-color logo, and a lot of confidence. In the first month in business, we sold 144 shirts by calling people on personal phones in contact lists and meeting up with interested people. The only problem that I had with Tropical Seas was me. I had disobeyed the first rule of business almost religiously. As a result, we spent nearly every dollar of profit on partying and impressing people.

Tropical Seas lasted maybe, a good eight months to a year before there was no more funding. As time went on, I had never stopped paying the annual business fees to keep the name. So that leads us to 2019, when Tropical Seas began again. It was much harder to make the sales this time because the novelty wore off. With that, we set the momentum to keep pushing and innovating on quality products that people would be sure to love that continue to the present day.

We are currently a leading local clothes brand in New Jersey, with our eyes set on future success. So check out our website and join our growing community today!